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About us

Part of the Steinweg Group, founded in Rotterdam in 1847, C.Steinweg-GMT is the leading operator in Italy for metal logistics. Specialised in forwarding, warehousing, transportation and distribution of various types of cargo, the company’s core business focuses on non-ferrous metals, ferro-alloys, scraps and steel.

As the Italian office of the Steinweg Group, the company operates in Italy through a network of branch offices that interact with the rest of the worldwide Steinweg Group, being able to offer a global quality of service.

The company's warehouses are approved by the LME in Genoa, Trieste, Livorno and Ravenna and by ICE for Coffee in Genoa and Trieste. C.Steinweg- GMT operates also in other ports such as Salerno, Taranto and has a branch offices in the Port of Koper in Slovenia, Rijeka (Croatia), Bar (Montenegro), Belgrade (Serbia), Alexandria (Egypt), Casablanca (Morocco) and Thessaloniki (Greece) and agents in Ploce, Split (Croatia). On an international scale, it is added to the 90 locations in close to 40 countries in the world where the Steinweg group is present, ranging on all continents, from South America to North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.